Dhaka Escort

If you want an escort, Dhaka will offer you women who are mainly Asian, with many from Bangladesh. The city’s nightlife is worth exploring and Dhaka escorts can be found mingling with the crowds in clubs such as X Lounge and Fantasy Kingdom. Strip clubs are always a good way of meeting an escort in Dhaka, so Prego Bar, Dip and Red Ticket Strip Club are well worth visiting. Kandupatti is the biggest red light district in the city, though this is obviously more an area for prostitutes than for finding an escort. While in Dhakar, try to find time to visit Bashundhala City Shopping Complex, which is the biggest mall in Asia.

17 Escorts in Dhaka

Dhaka EscortDhaka Escort (Independent)Escort59Dhaka Escort (Independent)Salman Uttara: Salman UttaraDhaka Escort AgencyBangladeshescort: BangladeshescDhaka Escort Agency
Dhaka Escorts: DaliaDhaka Escort AgencyDhaka Escorts: LinaDhaka Escort AgencyDhaka Escorts: SamiyaDhaka Escort AgencyDhaka Escorts: FariaDhaka Escort Agency
Dhaka Escorts: SuvaDhaka Escort AgencyDhaka Escorts: NailaDhaka Escort AgencyDhaka Escorts: ChaplaDhaka Escort AgencyDhaka Escorts: SumonaDhaka Escort Agency
Dhaka Escorts: TinniDhaka Escort AgencyDhaka Escorts: EkaDhaka Escort Agency  

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